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Reader Reviews : Have you self-published a book? Tell readers about your experience

User Rating 4.5 Star Rating (43 Reviews)


Thinking about self-publishing your book, but confused by the choices of a self-publishing company? Read about the experiences of About.com readers who are self-published authors.

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Using CreateSpace to Publish a Paperback

My self-publishing experience was what I expected. I had my draft edited by a professional before publishing on Create Space. It was easy therefore to self publish. I will recommend Create Space to s…More

Caveats for Lulu.com Users

Over the course of a 3-4 year period, Lulu has just been a disappointment for me. The length of time to get a novel distributed and published on Lulu was very frustrating every time I had to do it. (…More

Unhappy with XLibris

Among other gripes I have with Xlibris is the fact that the marketing materials I received from them was absolutely unusable. The image on the business cards, bookmarks and post cards was so dark th…More

Kite & Key Publishing Reviewed

Best experience ever. Excellent method to publish books. I would highly recommend Kite & Key Publishing to new authors. They are helpful and professional and extremely encouraging to first time autho…More

New "Key" to Thie Indie Author's Book Publishing Experience

I would recommend Kite and Key Publishing to authors who are ready with their writing to be turned into a book format. There are many steps toward having a hard copy of your book in hand; however, th…More

Lulu.com Fall Down on the Job - Twice

Please note: this book is NOT for sale through Lulu.com, so all I have is the Amazon.com URL for the paperback & Kindle editions. We wanted Lulu.com to produce our hardcover copies, but after this ex…More

Good Experience for Guns of Justice

My experience with SBPRA, the Publishing company who published, and are the Distributors of my book, entitled Guns of Justice, has been a pleasant and learnful journey. Right from the very start I wa…More

One Author's Self-Publishing Trials

Xlibris puts the check in the game of ....Self publishing and it is what it is Self publishing so you have to do it yourself I found ...I would tell them the correction I come back and nothing was do…More

Author Approves of Amazon's KDP

My experience with Amazon KDP has been great since my first publication, with great results and sales. Amazon's self publishing platform for ebooks ensures a great visibility for titles and a vast au…More

Research Was Key for This Author

My book is a reference book designed with the court reporter in mind, but is equally useful to writers, editors, and students alike. This book is in printed form because the user has room to make his…More

Wise Words from CreateSpace Author

Create Space, an Amazon company, is an excellent way for a serious writer to publish her work. It is easy to do on your PC and can take as long as you need to produce a book that satisfies you. The p…More

Paranormal Author Shares Smashwords Story

I am a paranormal romance writer and let me tell you, my experience, where Smashwords is concerned, was slow at first but quite thrilling later on, when the book reached its assigned readers hands! M…More

Zech B Shares Lots of Details for Lulu.com and Amazon KDP

On Lulu eBook Publishing (primarily):I had sought out a literary agent for my first novel, but with little success. Then I heard about Lulu, and a 600-word story contest they were hosting at the time…More

Compliments for CreateSpace Consultancy

Although I've been a publisher all my working life (www.tanjatuma.com) I was impressed by the proficiency and also kindness of the messages and communication. I was expecting an A-computer speaking A…More

Smashwords "Sings" for Music Book Author

I would enthusiastically recommend Smashwords to any author who wishes to operate by the "nickel" principle and spend no money or next to no money to get their work work published. However, be prepar…More

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