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Reader Reviews : Have you self-published a book? Tell readers about your experience

User Rating 4 Star Rating (24 Reviews)


Thinking about self-publishing your book, but confused by the choices of a self-publishing company? Read about the experiences of About.com readers who are self-published authors.

Cheers for HIS Publishing

I recommend these guys to everyone I know and anyone that asks. They operated with integrity and as a veteran of WWII that meant everything to me. They were also honest about the publishing world and…More

Review of XLibris

Say no to Xlibris it like a bad word. See my experience was different At first I taught that this company is for me / trying to help me but then it turned up sided down.after the book was published i…More

Using CreateSpace to Publish a Paperback

My self-publishing experience was what I expected. I had my draft edited by a professional before publishing on Create Space. It was easy therefore to self publish. I will recommend Create Space to s…More

Caveats for Lulu.com Users

Over the course of a 3-4 year period, Lulu has just been a disappointment for me. The length of time to get a novel distributed and published on Lulu was very frustrating every time I had to do it. (…More

Unhappy with XLibris

Among other gripes I have with Xlibris is the fact that the marketing materials I received from them was absolutely unusable. The image on the business cards, bookmarks and post cards was so dark th…More

Author Publishes with Trafford

My 2 books titled: Walking with God: A Personal Relationship & And This Is Love: A Spiritual Guide by Evangelist John Dye are excellent reading material for those looking to improve their lives. Traf…More

Kid's Book Author Rates CreateSpace

Self-publishing is great experience but a lot of work. In my case, I did everything with support from many friends: I wrote the stories and selected the illustrator, bought ISBNs, applied for Library…More

Raves for Smashwords

For those authors looking for the widest selling market, Smashwords.com is unbeatable: they will format your book to all available electronic formats, for free. Everything from EPUB to PDF downloads,…More

Pursue Your Dream... and Research!

Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls is in the same genre as Dan Brown's book DA Vinci Code. I submitted my book to Writer's Digest and even though I did not win, I was a winner because I received an all…More

Author Finds Booklocker Helpful

I would recommend Angela and Richard in Florida, who operate Booklocker, Inc., the self-publisher I chose. One of the biggest problems email has given us is the typical slow process of waiting for an…More

"Marketing is Hard" But Author Says "Go for It"!

I would recommend Amazon: they are quite simply number one and have the biggest reach and most potential customers. You can dip your toe in the water by publishing an ebook and decide later whether t…More

Aussie Amazon Author Gets 18,000 Readers

I would recommend Amazon - both Kindle and CreateSpace for self publishing because there is no financial outlay, and your book will be seen by a large audience. Their KDP Select program also allows p…More

An Author's Cautions

Although Amazon charged me no fees and expressed enthusiasm for offering my book, my agent and I expected to receive marketing services that are simply not materializing. Also, we were promised quick…More

Writing the Dream -- a first-time novelist's inspiring story

My best advice would be to focus first on the product and make it as best as you can. Then, determine your budget to move forward. Once you have those two things figured out, research which person or…More

Reader Reviews Lulu.com Experience

I found Lulu to be very user friendly. The forums were useful and the support hotline informative. If I had questions they were promptly answered. The publishing process was pretty fast and easy and …More

Self-published Kindle author a satisfied customer

I tried for years to write to meet major publishing guidelines and would just get bogged down. I ended up shoving the manuscript back in the desk drawer and forgetting about it. In the last year, I …More

True DIY publishing of a futuristic thriller...

I was scared at times. Worrying whether I'd done the right thing to skip the author services company and publish direct. But in retrospect? It was the right decision for me and I do not regret it. It…More

A Self-Published Author Describes Her Journey

When I first SP, I felt deep regret, primarily because I felt I sold out. It took about five years to get over it. I learned a lot about myself as a person and about myself as a writer. I grew, evolv…More

Smashing Review for Smashwords

I would recommend Smashwords to anyone. With their help its easy to format your book and get it out there, so that anyone, with an Ereader or a computer, can find, buy, and read your book.Smashwords …More

Great info from Lightning Source and PubIt! Self-Published Filmmaker

Overall, we were very happy with LSI for print books. One complaint is that they force you to spend $60 to be included in the Ingram catalog. Their relationship with Ingram was something that appeale…More

No language barrier--a self-published author reviews lulu.com

Because I'm from Israel and my native language is not English I was afraid to contact Lulu.com , but after reading the rules of their explanations about the printing process I realized that I could g…More

A review for lulu.com

Note from About.com Book Publishing Guide: This section was improperly submitted. It is meant to be a review of the author's self-publishing experience, not a review of the book itself.…More

Reader raves about Amazon DTP

Self publishing was both scary and exhilarating. The fear of whether anyone would buy my book as well as would they like it. To see my first months sales was amazing. People were buying it that I did…More

A reader self-published with Outskirts Press

I would definitely recommend self-publishing to any author, seasoned or new. It is a way to get around the hassles and rejections from traditional publishers. If your book is good enough and you want…More

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