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Textbook Publishing - How Textbooks are Published

From "Fun with Dick and Jane" to "Gray's Anatomy," textbook publishing touches every student's life. Who writes textbooks? How are they chosen for the classroom or a college course? Read how technology changed the way students use their materials--and how textbook publishing is now a much broader business than either "text" or "books."

About Writing a College Textbook Proposal
Writing a college textbook proposal is a step to selling the idea of the book to a college textbook editor or academic publisher. Read about writing a college textbook proposal.

Elements of a College Textbook Proposal
Here is detailed information about writing a college textbook proposal document.

Textbook Proposal Writing Hints
Here are four helpful suggestions to help make your textbook proposal as strong as possible.

Textbooks: An Overview of Textbook Publishing
Textbooks are print books or ebooks that accompany a specific class or subject at the school or university level, and suggest a curriculum--that is, a course of learning--for that particular subject. The textbook market generally differentiates between school textbooks (meant for elementary schools or high schools), and higher education textbooks (meant for colleges or other post-secondary schools).

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