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NOOK Press

NOOK Press: About the Barnes & Noble Digital Publishing Platform


NOOK logo

NOOK Press promises seamless ebook self-publishing.

NOOK logo
NOOK Press is an ebook self-publishing platform from Barnes & Noble NOOK Media subsidiary. NOOK Press replaces the earlier PubIt! self-publishing service and boasts a "more elegant and intuitive interface," while retaining the distribution power of the online arm of a major bookselling force.

NOOK Press was designed in conjunction with technology partner FastPencil, and with input from PubIt! authors. It is a digital-only platform (that is, it does not make its books available in print). Like competitors such as Kindle Direct Publishing, NOOK Press is free to use; the service takes a percentage of the book's price (more on that below). PubIt! users must sign up for a NOOK Press account and then are given the opportunity sync accounts later.

The NOOK Press self-publishing service's collaboration, content creation, and publishing tools include:

• A “Quick Start” option.
This allows writers to try out the NOOK Press tools before they commit to publishing on the system. The option does require that the author provide an email address to sign up.

• “Live Chat” support
Writers new to self-publishing or the system can get "instant and personalized consultations at every stage of the self- publishing process" — at least from Mondays through Fridays between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

• Collaboration tools.
NOOK Press provides a secure environment that allows authors to invite their friends to comment on a NOOK Press project before they launch it into the wider world.

• Content creation, and editing within the system.
For those who can't stop noodling or who pay attention to the comments of their friends (see above), the NOOK Press upgraded content creation tools allow authors/publishers to upload a manuscript just once, then continue to edit or make changes directly within the system, with no need to re-upload the document.

• Easy-to-read sales reporting
Authors can track daily sales and month-over-month progress.

• Speedy upload-to-market service
NOOK Press promises 2 – 3 day project turnaround.

Important Facts About NOOK Press

In addition to the tools, here are some important aspects you should consider about NOOK press before you self-publish with them.

The NOOK Press publisher/authors can price their titles between $0.99 and $199.99 and receive a royalty based on the given price. For NOOK Press NOOK Books priced at or between $2.99 and $9.99, authors receive 65 percent of the list price for sold content. For those priced at $2.98 or less, or $10.00 or more, authors receive 40 percent of the list price. NOOK Press authors are compensated from the list price they set with no additional charges, regardless of file size.

NOOK Press NOOK Books can be read across all of NOOK readers and tablets, and accessed through the free NOOK Reading Apps including NOOK for Android™ and NOOK for iOS, and on Windows 8 via the NOOK® for Windows 8 App.

Proprietary Advantages
With the power of its parent Barnes & Noble, NOOK Press authors reach millions of customers who are using NOOK and NOOK Reading Apps in the United States and in the U.K. NOOK Press offers authors robust merchandising opportunities in the NOOK Store™ and what B&N terms the NOOK "ecosystem," including a NOOK Press NOOK Channel on NOOK® HD.

Select content will be chosen for social media campaigns, e-mails and newsletters directed to millions of NOOK customers, resulting in broader audience reach, more sales and new independent bestsellers.

NOOK Press Content Policy Restrictions
NOOK Press forbids text, images, or data that is pornographic, libelous, defamatory, or that infringes copyright. It also rejects information such as advertisements (even if they are ads for the book or author), calls to action (ex: "Please review this book."), hyperlinks, and publisher/author contact information. Any books that are in violation of the NOOK Press Content Policy will be taken off sale by the publisher.

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