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Book Publishing News - Keeping Up With Book Publishing News

Resources to Help You Stay Abreast of the Latest in Book Publishing


From technological advancements in e-book readers, to singular break-out bestsellers, to the economy's impact on the retail climate--a host of factors affect the business of book publishing. Resources aimed at an insider audience help give insight into the ever-changing publishing climate.

1. PW Daily

The weekday bulletin of the long-lived industry magazine, Publishers Weekly (the online version is publishersweekly.com), PW Daily also offers several focused editions dedicated to comics, religion, children's books and cookbooks, among other genres.

2. Bookselling This Week

"The voice for indie booksellers nationwide," this newsletter from the American Booksellers Association is released on Thursdays and whenever there's breaking news in the book publishing industry.

3. Shelf Awareness

This dose of "Daily Enlightenment for the Book Trade" serves booksellers with breaking news and useful information. Divided into sections such as "Media Heat" (which highlights TV and movie tie-in books) and "Attainment" (a selected list of new titles that are being released), the newsletter also includes information on "hot" (fast-selling) titles, major author tours, and even some book reviews.

4. Digital Book World


Owned and operated by F&W Media (publishers of Writers Digest and Writers Market, among other resources for artistic enthusiasts), this is a robust source of information on all facets of digital book publishing and e-books. In addition to relevant conferences, seminars and webinars, they offer a free newsletter to those who sign up.

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