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Book & Subsidiary Rights Sales - Publishers Getting Books into Stores & Beyond!

The publisher's sales teams sell the books to a variety of outlets, including bookstores and other retail stores, wholesalers, catalogers and libraries. The publisher's subsidiary rights department sells rights to all or part of a book's contents for use in (or adaptation to) different formats, such as paperbacks, foreign editions, film, or television shows.

Subsidiary Rights
"Subsidiary rights" refer to the rights an author grants his or her publisher to sub-license a book to third parties for formats and adaptations other than the original. An example of a subright sale would be the audiobook rights or the television rights. Read about subsidiary rights and a see the list of those that commonly appear in a book contract.

BookExpo America - A Book Publishing-Only Conference and Expo
BookExpo America--or, BEA as it is known by book publishing insiders--is a publishing industry-only event that enables publishers and authors to showcase their wares to booksellers and to buyers of foreign and domestic book rights.

BookExpo America - Who Attends Bookseller Expo America (BEA)?
BookExpo America--or, BEA as it is known by book publishing insiders--is an international publishing industry-only event, open to publishers, booksellers, authors, media and more.

What is copyright?
What is copyright and why is it important to authors and publishers?

Digital Copyright Lawsuit Enforces Rights
Digital copyright litigation that upholds authors' rights.

BookExpo America (BEA) - Where and When Is BookExpo America Held?
Find the upcoming dates and locations for BookExpo America (BEA), the annual, publishing industry-only event.

Book Rights and Book Royalties
Book publishing is a business and, whether you're an author or a publisher, rights (such as film rights) and book royalties are considerations when you're determining the profitability of publishing a book. Following are some actual reader questions about self-publishing fees, book rights, and book royalties.

Book Copyright Protection
Book copyright issues are common topics in reader questions, especially with respect to dealing with self-publishing services or unpublished manuscripts. Here are some answers to reader's questions about copyright and other rights.

The London Book Fair
The London Book Fair is an international trade show focused on the publishing industry, and is one of the key international business expos for books.

The Bologna Children's Book Fair
The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is an international trade fair held in Bologna, Italy and dedicated to the children’s book publishing and the children’s multimedia content rights industries.

Hachette vs. Amazon
Hachette vs. Amazon.com - negotiating ebook terms or fighting for publishing survival

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