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Book Publishing Glossary

Galleys and dummies and coop and BLADs and ARCs... If you're unfamiliar with book publishing terminology, you'll find key definitions here.

ARC: Advance Reader's Copy
Definition of ARC, an acronym for "advance reader's copy" of a book.

Art Program
definition of art program as it relates to book production

Bargain Books
Definition of Bargain Books, a specific type of book that's published to sell at low prices.

Book Proposal
Definition of Book Proposal

Book Publishing Glossary - Terminology Used in the Book Publishing Industry
A glossary of terms unique to and/or used in book publishing, especially those referred to in the About.com book publishing site articles and blog.

BLAD - Book Layout and Design
Definition of BLAD, a short sample of a book's layout and design, used as a book sales tool

Cooperative Advertising Funds
The definition of cooperative advertising funds, monies from publishers used by booksellers for promotion.

Definition of Copyeditor

Independent Bookstore
Definition of Independent Bookstore

Movie Tie-in
Definition of "movie tie-in edition," as it pertains to book publishing

On-Sale Date
Definition and details about the on-sale date, the date on which publishers determine a book will go on sale.

Platform (aka Media Platform)
Definition of media platform, as it pertains to author and book publicity.

A remainder is a book that has been sold by the publisher at a deep discount to clear out inventory.

Trade Publishing
Trade publishing, the business of publishing books for general audiences.

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