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Book Publishing Industry Basics — Information About Book Publishing

General information about the book publishing industry.

The Big Five Trade Book Publishers
The major trade book publishing companies in the United States are often referred to as the "Big Five." Here's the list of the "Big Five" book publishers, and a bit about each one, including their addresses, phone numbers, and website addresses.

Getting Your Book Published

Book Publishing Annual Calendar
A month-by-month listing of some of the key annual conferences and events for publishers, booksellers, authors — and/or the reading public.

Major Departments In A Publishing House
Though each book publisher or publishing imprint is organized slightly differently, here are the most typical departments within the publisher, and the general duties of each.

The Parts of Book — the Elements of Book Content
Here's what's on the copyright page and other standard text elements contained in the physical (or digital) published book.

Getting A Job in Book Publishing
The book publishing industry has its own set of parameters for the wannabe employee. Here is some specific advice on how to prepare for a book publishing job interview.

Book Genres
Book genres are the general thematic areas that help identify certain fiction and authors to their likely readership, as well as to the book publishing marketplace. The most popular of the genres, broadly, are: romance, inspirational, mystery, and science fiction/fantasy.

Writing Cookbooks
Whether you're writing a comprehensive book of instruction or a highly personal collection of recipes, if you intend to publish a cookbook, make sure you have the ingredients for recipe book success.

Audiobooks 101
Audiobooks are a $1+ billion industry. Audiobooks generally exist alongside their print book an additional format option (and revenue stream), therefore exploiting the book's content for a different consumer base.

2013 Audie Award Winners
The Audio Publishers Association (APA) announced the winners of the 2013 Audie Awards® at its 18th Annual Audies Gala on May 30th at The New York Historical Society, and featured Academy Award Winner Colin Firth, who expressed his passion for the oral tradition.

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