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Book Marketing and Publicity - Finding Readers for the Book

Books need readers, which is why there is book publicity, book marketing and book promotion. Read about the different elements that go into getting a book in front of a potential audience and the helpful marketing and publicity tools that anyone can use to help sell their book to readers.
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  2. Acing Your Public Appearances (9)
  3. Social Media for Books and Authors (7)

About Book Publicity and Marketing
A book's publicity and marketing campaigns are the business levers that can make a New York Times bestseller. Whether you're a DIY author or your book is being published by a traditional publisher, you should understand the dynamic elements of a book publicity and marketing effort.

Creating A Book Marketing and Publicity Campaign
A well-thought-out publicity and marketing campaign will help spread the word about your book, whether you're self- or traditionally published. And when you’re DIY publishing your book, it’s absolutely critical that you think about your book’s promotion.

Author Questionnaire Template - part 2 - Author Platform/s
An author questionnaire is one of a book publisher's “internal” book marketing and publicity tools, filled out by an author then used to disseminate key book, biographical and platform information to the various publishing departments. In this Part 2 of the Author Questionnaire, any author or prospective author will be able to assess the...

Book Launch 101
A successful book launch sends a new book into the hands of book buyers.

Creating A Marketing Message and "Take Aways" for Your Book
How to create a succinct and compelling marketing message for your book

Cooperative Advertising in Book Publishing
Cooperative advertising — or "co-op" — is a term used in trade book publishing to refer to publishers and booksellers "cooperatively" promoting books.

Advice for Author Appearances
A round up of articles to help writers ace any author appearance.

9 Tips For Author Readings and Book Signings
Book readings and signings can be an important part of your book publicity and marketing campaign. They give readers a chance to see authors in person, they give authors an opportunity to meet their readers—and to to sell some books!

Booking Author Appearances — Square Books Insights
Wonder how to get booked for an author appearance? According to Lyn Roberts, General Manager of Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi, timing is everything. Here, she shares some of the strategic thinking that goes into booking authors for signings.

What to Wear for Author Appearances
What authors should wear at public and media appearances - how to dress to impress readers and get more book buyers.

How to Dress for Author TV Appearances
How to dress for TV appearances - authors, look good on television with these tips and advice.

Hook Your Book to an Existing "Event"
Your book publicity and marketing plan should take into account how your book's subject matter might fit into existing store promotion calendars and media events. Here are some hints on how to hook your book to promotional and publicity opportunities.

Book Festivals - Literary Festivals Are Great for Writers and Readers
Book festivals are community and consumer-oriented events that bring books and authors and the publishing world to the reading public. As they celebrate and showcase books, book festivals are are great opportunities for authors and publishers to bring new books to a variety of readers, to help grow writers’ fan bases, and to increase book...

Book Festival Programming — How Authors Are Chosen for Book Fairs
Book festivals and book fairs can be great way for authors to promote their books — but how are they chosen? Read the behind-the-scenes programming strategy for the Miami Book Fair International from Author Liaison Paola Fernandez-Rana and learn about how authors and books are chosen to be featured at the prestigious — and beloved — community...

Book Marketing - What to Expect from Your Publisher's Book Marketing Department
If you're being published by a traditional publisher, your publisher's in-house marketing department will help the sales department get your book in front of booksellers. Here are the basic elements you can expect your book marketing department to provide.

Book Publishing for Authors
Being a book author is a business--and, like any successful enterprise, involves having a good product (your book), a distribution channel (booksellers) and someone to get it there (your publisher's salespeople). You'll also need marketing and publicity efforts to get your book to customer (the readers). Read about the business of book...

Movie- and TV Tie-Ins Boost Book Sales
The relationship of a movie or TV show to a book—or vice versa—creates a marketing synergy between the book and the film (or television series) to which it relates. In the best-case scenario, the film/show and the book each helps to expand the audience of the other. Read about movie and TV tie-ins.

World Book Night — April 23 Book Celebration and Promotion
World Book Night is a celebration—and promotion—of books and reading. Held on April 23, the event is sponsored by a wide variety of publishing industry businesses and associations. Read more about the significance of this event to the book industry and to readers.

Creating an Author Website
One of the basic but vital tools of book marketing is the author website. For the book writer, the author website functions as an accessible online location where anyone might find out more about you and your book. While there are many permutations of author and book websites, here are the basics of what an author website should accomplish and...

About Book Marketing
Trade book marketing helps get books in front of the consumer. Read about the functions of a publisher's book marketing department.

Book Promotion Calendar
When you're marketing or publicizing a book, it helps to hook your book into an existing bookstore promotion or topic for which you know the media needs content. There are a number of more standard seasonal occasions around which books are promoted; here are some key seasonal topics and timeframes for annual book promotions.

Tips to Producing An Effective Online Book Trailer
An online book trailer can be an effective tool for promoting your book. Read about what makes a “selling” book trailer and how to start thinking about producing your own.

Online Book Trailer Basics
With more and more video production tools becoming accessible and easy to use, you might think about using an online book trailer to promote your book. Here’s how to get started producing your book trailer.

Behind the Illustrated Book Trailer
A video book trailer can be an effective tool for promoting your book online. Learn about creating an effective trailer for an illustrated book.

Behind the Romance Book Trailer
A video book trailer can be an effective tool for promoting your book online. Learn how a first-time romance novelist created an effective book trailer.

New Author FAQs: About Marketing and Advertising
Publishing your book can be a daunting endeavor, even when you have a well-established book publisher behind you. This article addresses some frequently asked questions authors have about their book marketing.

The New York Times Best Seller List
Having a book on The New York Times Best Seller List is the one of the ultimate achievements of a book writer. To have your book make an appearance — or, better yet, a stay — on "the list" conveys to the world the popularity — and, therefore, the economic power — of your work. Here's what you should know about New York Times Best Sellers.

6 Steps to Pre-Publication Book Marketing
If you’re in the process of writing a book, you should already be thinking about your book marketing and publicity—yes, well before it’s published. Here’s how to lay the groundwork for a successful book marketing and publicity effort.

Book Publicity — Expert Advice
A number of book publicity experts have lent their best thinking to the About.com Book Publishing site, for the benefit of book authors and those who'd like to be. Here's a round up of some of their advice on how to get your book in front of potential readers.

Book Publicity: Rick Frishman gives an Author 101 Interview
Author, publisher, and book publicity and marketing expert Rick Frishman has a 30+-year track record helping authors get published and to get their books promoted. About.com caught up with the busy book-publishing entrepreneur and asked him to share his some of his book publicity wisdom with our readers.

Successful Strategies to Ace Your Author Interview
To ace a broadcast media interview, your strategy is the first step. Read about media interview strategy here.

New Author FAQs: Book Publicity
Here are quick answers to frequently asked questions about book publicity and getting your books in front of the media.

Getting Book Publicity Today — The Critical Elements
In the rapidly changing book marketplace, getting publicity can be a challenge — here, book publicity expert Laura Rossi Totten weighs in on the best ways authors can navigate the new book publicity landscape to get attention for their work.

Book Publicity Wisdom
Getting publicity for your book is an integral part of bringing it to an audience of readers — which is another way of saying "getting book sales." In this interview with book PR expert Laura Rossi Totten, she shares her top publicity tips for authors.

Book Publicity Basics from Your Publisher
What does a traditional publisher offer to its authors? Read about the bottom-line publicity basics.


Checklist for Media Interviews
Checklist for handling an author media interview. Are you ready?

Strategies for Tricky Interview Situations
Solutions and tips for tricky author interview situations.

How Do You Get Booked on Radio's The Reading Life?
If you're an author, how do you get booked on radio? How do radio producers and hosts choose their guests? Of course, each producer has their own set of criteria. Read about what Susan Larson, host of The Reading Life on WWNO New Orleans looks for in her guests.

How Do You Get Booked on Radio's The Reading Life? Part 2
If you're an author, how do you get booked on radio? How do radio producers and hosts choose their guests? Of course, each producer has their own set of criteria. Read Part 2 of the interview with Susan Larson, host of The Reading Life on WWNO New Orleans to learn what she looks for in her guests.

Booking Authors for Thacker Mountain Radio — Producer Insights
Are you an author wondering how to get booked on radio? Of course, it varies from program to program. For Thacker Mountain Radio producer Lyn Roberts, much depends on how you can perform. Here, she shares what she looks for in authors for the popular live show broadcast out of Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi.

About Blog Book Tours
A blog book tour is a marketing and publicity tool that allows authors to connect with potential readers of his or her book through other peoples' blogs. "Virtual" and virtually cost-free, blog book tours are effective, budget-friendly promotional vehicles.

Author Blogging Group — Writerly Community and A "Cyber Front Porch"
Author blogging groups - how collective blogs like Southern Belle View Daily help engage readers, create community, and promote books.

How to Organize an Author Blogging Group
How to Organize an Author Blogging Group - The Southern Belle View Daily share a platform and book promotional tool.

Promoting an Author Team Blog
Promoting the Author Team Blog - Engaging readers and spreading the word about books.

Promote Your Book with Twitter
Learn why Twitter's unique qualities make it a great "place" to find an audience—and learn how to use Twitter to find a following for your book.

Twitter for Authors
Twitter helps authors build community and an audience for their books. Twitter conventions that make this easier are retweets, mentions and hashtags. Learn author-specific tricks for using these tools to grow your Twitterverse.

About Goodreads
About Goodreads - A site to "help people find and share books they love" - and promote books.

How to Promote Your Book on Goodreads
How to Promote Your Book on Goodreads - Basic Do's and Don'ts for authors.

Social Media Checklist for Authors
Social media is an integral part of any author’s publicity and marketing campaign. Here, book public relations expert Laura Rossi Totten shares her firm’s Social Media Checklist, a great tool for anyone who is developing their own social media campaign.

The Author Questionnaire — A Great Book Promotion Tool
An author questionnaire is a key “internal” book marketing and publicity tool, used to target audiences for the book based on the author's background as well as the book’s subject. The information on the author questionnaire is used to craft materials for the media, for booksellers, and in order to ascertain the level of book marketing and...

Book Marketing Strategy: Frontlist vs. Backlist
Frontlist books are the new titles in the marketplace; backlist books are the books that have been available for awhile. If you are marketing a book you need to understand the differences in frontlist vs. backlist book marketing strategy.

Book Marketing Strategy: How to Promote an Older Book
Marketing a backlist book—one that's been out in the marketplace awhile—often takes a little more strategy and creativity than than promoting a brand new title. Whether you want to give new sales life to a book that's been around, or to one that's being re-released in digital, read what an award-winning book marketing expert has to say about backlist book marketing strategy.

Book Marketing Strategy: Putting the Campaign Together
In part 3 of this interview with book marketing expert Adrienne Sparks, she shares specific advice and promotion tactics for authors, and tells us how she engaged online readers for the e-book re-release of bestselling thriller writer Keith Thomson's first book, Pirates of Pensacola.

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