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Book Editing and Production - Manuscript to Finished Book

After a manuscript leaves an author's hands, many dedicated editorial and production professionals work diligently to ensure that the finished book gets to the consumer in as readable, error-free and attractive a format as possible. From editing to layout to binding or e-book coding, here are the editorial and production stages a manuscript goes through to become a book.

From Author to Reader: An Overview of the Book Publishing Process
Wondering how a publisher gets a book from writer to reader? Here's an overview of the publishing process from editorial to bookseller.

The Book Publishers Editorial Department
Most people first setting out to find jobs in publishing set their sights on the editorial department. If you’re looking for a job in book publishing, or if you’d just like to know more about book publishing roles, here are the most typical editorial jobs within a book publisher.

Editorial Costs for Self-Published Authors
If you are self-publishing a book, you’ll want to ensure your book is well edited and typo-free— and for that you’ll need to hire some outside help. Here's a guide to the most commonly requested editorial freelance services and a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay for them.

The Parts of Book the Elements of Book Content
What is a book? From front matter to back matter, here you'll find a listing and description of the parts of a printed book's content.

All About ISBNs
All about ISBNs - including their usages and obtaining an ISBN for a self-published book.

The Book Editorial Process: Manuscript Submission Through the Editing Process
The editorial process begins after an author submits his or her contracted manuscript. There is usually considerable author-editor back and forth before a mutually agreed-upon manuscript is finalized, then moves on to production.

The Production Process: Book Production from Copyediting to Finished Book
The book production process officially starts when the acquiring editor submits a book manuscript to a copyeditor. The members of the production team turn the unruly manuscript into cleanly-designed and composed pages and readies them to be printed and bound, or coded for distribution as an e-book.

Book Design — Creating a Selling Book "Package"
Book Design - the critical elements of book design, including jacket design and interior design, part of the book production department.

Coming Up With A Good Book Title

Good Book Titles - The "Recipe" for a Better Book Title
A good title is a book's first marketing tool. Here's a "recipe" to help you write a better book title.

Writing Good Book Titles - What Makes a Good Book Title
Creating a catchy title for a book helps ensure it will stick in the minds of prospective readers. A good book title, like the book jacket, should be considered a marketing tool for the book.

How to Write A Subtitle
Subtitles make a non-fiction book title stronger. Read how they work.

Good Book Titles - A Case Study for A Better Book Title
A good title can be important to the success of a book. Here's a case study that explores the thinking behind how an accurate (but limited) title became one that broadened the market of a book.

A Book by Its Cover — About Book Jackets
In spite of the adage, most readers do indeed judge a book at least in part by its cover. That's why major book publishers have whole departments and many, many meetings dedicated to their creation. Read about how books jackets are developed in a publishing house.

Designing A Book Jacket - Tips and Advice
About book cover design - elements to think about, tips and advice on designing a book cover

Becoming A Ghostwriter 101
If you're a writer interested in becoming a ghostwriter, here's you should know about this "invisible" writing profession.

Get Your Manuscript Ready to Be Published
How to make sure your manuscript is the best it can be before you send to an agent, editor or self-publishing service.

Guide to Proper Book Manuscript Formatting
Guide to Proper Book Manuscript Formatting

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