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Resolve to Publish Well - A Round-up of Articles for Authors

Write, Publish, Promote Your Book This Year - Or Work in Book Publishing


Interior bookshelves at City Light Bookstore in San Francisco

Resolve to be involved... in book publishing

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images News
Whatever your New Year’s Resolutions are pertaining to book publishing — whether it’s more effective writing and authorship or getting a job working with books — within the virtual pages of About Book Publishing, there’s a wealth of advice to help get you started and keep you moving toward your goals.

Here are some of the most common book publishing “resolutions” and where you can find solid advice and tips pertaining to each.

Working on a novel, want to finish this year — or considering starting one? If you want to write and / or finish that novel, read about:

The six habits of highly successful authors

How to get your novel published

How to handle feedback on your novel

How to get a literary agent

Have you hit a wall with traditional publishers or just decided that you want the freedom to self-publish? If you’re considering self-publishing your novel or non-fiction book, read about:

The elements to take into consideration when deciding whether or not you should self-publish your book

Profiles of the many and varied self-publishing services

What others have to say about their self-publishing experiences

Considering writing a non-fiction book to promote your business? If your business could use the PR boost a book could provide, read about:

Writing a non-fiction book to promote your business by Write Advisors CEO Bonnie Daneker

What goes into writing a book proposal

All about ghostwriting, to see if you need to engage a ghostwriter (by the experts at Gotham Ghostwriters)

What you can expect to pay for editorial services, like editing, copyediting, proofreading, etc.

Are you stuck with your writing? Could you use a boost?
If you’ve been slogging along with your writing and need some motivation from wise authors or from case studies of those diligent authors who hit it big, read about:

Amanda Hocking’s paranormal self-publishing success

E L James fifty shades of publishing success

Two authors who went from self-published to longterm spots on the bestseller lists

Prolific author Gina Barreca’s thoughts and tips about the writing life

Words of wisdom about the writing life from established writers

Or, maybe you just need a kick in the seat of the pants. If so, this article about

overcoming writer’s block might be of help to you.

If your book publication is imminent (no matter who is publishing it), you’ll need book marketing and publicity advice, read about:

What you can do starting a year before your book is even published to help ensure its success in the marketplace.

What exactly book marketing is

The elements to creating a successful book marketing plan (with links to how to implement one yourself)

What goes into creating an effective author website

Publicity advice - a social media checklist for authors from PR pro Laura Rossi

Creating an Online Book Trailer

Leveraging all your social networks to promote your book, from expert Sandra Beckwith

Have you already published, but know you could be doing more to promote yourself and your book? If your book is already out and you want to bring attention to it, read about:

Promoting your book with Twitter — advice for authors

Hooking your book to a public relations event

Promoting your book at a local book festival by festival programmer Paola Fernandez-Rana

Tips to ensure successful book signings and author appearances

Love books but would prefer to work with them rather than write them? Here are some job descriptions that might help you to decide if you want a career working with books. Read about:

The major departments in a book publisher and what functions each performs

The book publishers editorial department — each editorial job described in detail

What a literary agent does

The librarian profession

Should you own a bookstore?

These are only a fraction of the articles available on this site. Each of the above articles will lead you to more insights.

Wishing you best of luck with your book publishing goals, whatever they might be!

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