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Book Acquisitions - How a Book Gets Sold to a Publisher

Editing, producing, and selling books is a business that requires substantial financial and human resources. It is an investment in--and a gamble on--the author's ability to appeal to readers. A broad team of people--from agents and editors to the sales department and publicity--help evaluate a book's potential success in the marketplace before a publisher agrees to acquire a book for publication.

Book Advances and Royalties
When a book is acquired by a publisher, book royalties and book advances are the means by which publishers pay the author. Following is a brief overview of book royalties and advances work.

Author Query Letters 101

A query letter is a brief introduction of your book and yourself for the purposes of getting a literary agent interested in representing you. Read about the elements of an effective query letter.


The Book Publishers Editorial Department
Most people first setting out to find jobs in publishing set their sights on the editorial department. If you’re looking for a job in book publishing, or if you’d just like to know more about book publishing roles, here are the most typical editorial jobs within a book publisher.

Book Proposals — Elements of an Effective Book Proposal
A book proposal is a sales document, the tool with which an editor assesses whether or not to consider publishing your non-fiction book.

Getting Feedback on Your Novel
The first drafts of your novel is rarely ready for the prime-time of literary agents’ or editors’ in-boxes. For that reason, it’s advisable to get thorough feedback on your manuscript and revise it before you send it out to potential literary agents or editors.

Getting Your Novel Published
"How do I get my novel published? That's the hardest question in book publishing. Everyone’s path is different but here are some tips to help you get an agent's or editor's attention.

Book Contract - Outlined
What terms are included in a book publishing contract? The standard book contract encompasses a lengthy number of clauses covering important manuscript, legal and financial points in a book's life cycle and an author's livelihood. Learn about the typical clauses of a book contract.

What is a Book Contract?
What is a book contract? A book contract is the legally-binding agreement between an author and his or her book publisher that dictates assignment of rights, obligations and money. Learn more in this overview of the book contract.

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