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Publishing Opportunities for Young Writers
Tips and links to help young writers get published
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I am frequently asked about the possibility of kids or teens getting published. The harsh truth is that although it's not impossible for young authors to find a mainstream publisher, it is a rare occurrence.

My recommendation for most of these young people is to look for markets that specifically want submissions from teens or kids. There are a wide variety of magazines, websites and publications that seek out the stories and poems talented kids and teens. Submitting to these markets will help kids develop a writing portfolio, and seeing their work published will encourage them to continue writing.

Watch your local newspaper or your public library newsletter for contests for children. You can also look in the latest edition of the Market Guide for Young Writers by Kathy Henderson. This reference book lists all the magazines, book publishers and contests that are actively seeking manuscripts (poems, stories, plays, articles, scripts, etc.) written by children.

I've also listed a number of ebook publishers, magazines and other markets below. If you know of a site I should be listing here, send me an email.

Books and E-Books

  • SynergEbooks
    Includes books 'By Teens For Teens' in it's regular publishing programme.

Shorter Works

  • BlueJean
    Devoted to publishing what young women are thinking, saying, and doing. Accepts submissions of writings, artwork, photography, comics, crafts, animations, and original music from girls aged 13-24.
  • Creative Kids
    A magazine by and for kids ages 8-14. Material may include cartoons, songs, stories between 800 and 900 words, puzzles, photographs, artwork, games, activities, editorials, poetry, and plays.
  • Creative Writing for Teens
    About's Creative Writing for Teens Guidesite offers teens a chance to build their online portfolio by submitting their work in a number of categories. Contributing authors are provided with an author's page, which will include a bibliography of their published work and an autobiography.
  • Merlyn's Pen
    Merilyn's Pen is a large annual magazine for writers in sixth to twelfth grade (age 12 to 18). They give feedback on every work that is sent to them.
  • Potato Hill Poetry
    Publishes bimonthly magazine for teachers and students K-12. Poems, exercises, artwork, essays.
  • Stone Soup
    Now in its 28th year, Stone Soup brings young readers thought-provoking stories, heartfelt poems, and beautiful art by their peers worldwide. Budding writers and artists are encouraged to create and submit their own work.
  • Teen Ink
    If you are published in Teen Ink magazine, you will receive a free copy of the issue containing your work. If you are published in the magazine or online, you will receive a Teen Ink pen and a special Teen Ink Post-It pad.
  • Teen Voices
    Teen Voices publishes the voice of any young woman, regardless of writing ability.


  • Writing Contests for Teens
    About's Guide to Creative Writing For Teens offers this great list of writing contests for teens.
  • Writing Contests for Kids
    Books For Kids Guide Bonnie Bruno offers some advice for young writers, and links to writing contests especially for kids.

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