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Self Publishing
Guide picks

Publishing FAQs
Frequently asked questions and tutorials on a variety of topics for the first time publisher. Learn how to get an ISBN, copyright a book, send out galleys and more.

Self-Publishing Services
Companies offering self-publishing services of various types and quality.

11 Tips to Avoid Self-Publishing Traps
Treat publishing as a business, and avoid these costly mistakes when publishing your own books.

Basic Self-Publishing Info
Some basic articles on the technical aspects of book production.

Is Self Publishing for You?
Five questions to help you decide, from Wise Owl Books.

Promote Your Business Through Publishing
Mark Ortman explains how self-publishing can help you share what you know, build credibility and promote your business at the same time.

Publish Your Own Book and Keep All the Profits!
Tom and Marilyn Ross offer a brief article extolling the virtues of the self-publishing option.

Publishing Your Own Work
Trevor Lockwood offers some articles and opinions on self publishing your books.

Tom Williams' provides production and marketing information for periodical publishers.

Self-Publishing: A proven springboard to major trade pubs
"Many creative small presses and self-publishers are discovering a practical way into bigger "establishment" houses. They bring out a quality book, market it successfully, then let a trade publisher buy the rights. While this sounds patently simple, it isn't. But it does often work."

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