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Magazine Publishing Statistics
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1997 ASBPE Editorial Salary Survey
A survey of business press editors to determine salary levels and working conditions in the profession, and to profile the companies and publications for whom business press editors work.

Advertising Effectiveness Survey (Millward Brown)
Study documenting the role magazines play in a media mix. This analysis provides clear indications of the effectiveness of magazines individually - and the two in combination - at generating awareness.

Average Circulation
Average circulation for the top 100 ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations) magazines for 2000.

Circulation Revenue for ABC Magazines 2000
Circulation revenue by subscription and single-copy sales for magazines audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

Facts about Newspapers
A statistical summary of the newspaper industry published by the newspaper association of America.

Industry Statistics
Stats on advertising,audience and circulation from the Newspaper Association of North America.

International Trends - Adult Readership
Total number of copies sold, B2B and consumer, by country.

International Trends - No. of Titles
Number of magazine titles, B2B and consumer, by country (1999).

Leveraging Newspaper Assets
A Study of Changing American Media Usage Habits. The study examines consumers' priorities for news information, the rise of the Internet, the value and utility of media advertising, and news media brand image.

Magazine Advertising Revenues, 2001
Magazine Advertising Revenue by Classification, 2001

New Magazine Launches
American Demographics takes a look at numbers in the magazine publishing industry for the first half of 1997.

Number of US Magazine Titles
Fact sheet outlining number of magazines from 1988 to 2001.

PIB ad revenue and page totals
Publishers Information Bureau magazine advertising revenue report

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