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Fair Use Information
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Copyright and Fair-Use site
An extensive, searchable site from Stanford University Libraries.

Copyright Implementation Manual
This resource from Groton (CT) Public Schools has an overview of the copyright act and fair use guidelines, specific applications and a host of links to other resources.

Fair Use
An article from Ivan Hoffman explaining the limitations and uncertainty in the fair use exceptions in copyright law.

Fair Use Doctrine: Part 1
An introduction to the fair use exception in the Copyright act, how to determine fair use, its implications, interpretation and guidelines, by Lloyd L. Rich

Fair Use Doctrine: Part 2
The second half of the article by Lloyd L. Rich.

Guidelines for Classroom Copying
Excerpt from the copyright act regarding guidelines relating to classroom copy for educational use.

Parody: Fair Use or Copyright Infringement
A look at how parody falls within the scope of fair use.

When Copying is OK
A fair use primer put together by Nolo Press.

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